Get your car covered this winter

Winter is the most varied in terms of weather out of all the seasons. As a result it is wise you source car covers; that way your vehicle is protected no matter how frequent the showers and the frost. It must be carefully considered why you require a cover. That way you can ensure you select one capable of delivering the protection you need. Continue reading

Top tips for storing your car

It’s happened to a lot of us, you leave your car for a long period unused and it requires a service for it to run normally again. It is possible to avoid this if you follow the necessary steps though. So here are some tips on car storage to help you do it properly. Follow them and you can avoid spending money on services. Continue reading

Looking at ground connections and lights post-storage

Ensuring that your car is well looked after while it’s off the road is essential to the preservation of its well-being. This is especially important for vintage and classic models, as they not only possess a great degree of monetary value, but also sentimental worth to their owners. Being keepers of these fine designs ourselves, we know exactly how much they mean to you. As such, our business does everything in its power to make certain that its car storage options are befitting for the task that lies ahead of them. Continue reading

The standout qualities of the MXS 5.0

As our name states, we are specialists in the storage and transportation of cars. We don’t just mean any cars however; we place a particular emphasis on classic and high value models. Apart from these services, we also supply certain devices that keep vehicles in top shape while they are not in operation. Our battery conditioners are an excellent investment in particular. Reasonably priced and very useful if your car will be out of action in the long-term, these simple products are ones you don’t want to ignore. Continue reading

No garage? Use car covers

Quite often you will see some of the best cars sitting uncovered. This can be compared to just leaving a pile of cash outside for the wind to blow it away. Why? Every time you don’t cover your car, it is exposed the elements of the environment which can cause damage. If you want to protect your investment you should store it indoors or use car covers. Continue reading

Is jack storage an appropriate option?

At first glance, you might assume that we’re just another car storage and transportation company, but that simply isn’t the case. We place a particular emphasis on vintage and classical vehicles, utilising the most advanced methods and technology to keep your car safe while it’s out of your hands. With a host of solutions available at reasonable rates, we are certain that you’ll find something to suit your needs. Continue reading

Is your hydraulic clutch still operable?

Cars require quite a lot of care to keep them in working order, but the demands with vintage and classical models are far more substantial. This is especially true when you have to place them into storage for a prolonged period. Many issues can occur if you don’t prepare the vehicle properly. With our state of the art air chambers however, we seek to offer you a top-notch storage solution that tackles problems related to moisture and dust. Continue reading