Bed covers are inadequate for storage

Ours is a business that excels in car storage, placing a particular emphasis on vintage and classic designs. With a range of solutions available, including the likes of a dehumidified purpose-built building and air chambers, we are confident that our measures will meet your requirements. As classic and vintage car owners ourselves, we understand just how much your vehicles mean to you, so we shall do everything within our power to ensure that your vehicle remains in prime condition. Continue reading

A foolproof approach to battery charging

Vintage and classical cars require a great deal more attention than your average motor when it comes to transporting and storing them. Fortunately, ours is a company that specialises in these areas. One problem that often comes up when a vehicle is not being driven for a period of time is the battery and how it can drain if left alone for too long. Stocking an array of high performance battery conditioners, we provide you with a way to keep the power source in excellent shape whilst you are away from your vehicle. Continue reading

Cover up this winter

When it comes to classical and vintage cars, a much greater level of care and attention is necessary when storing them. Specialising in the transportation and storage of these fine models, as well as being proud owners ourselves, we understand just how much effort needs to be put in to keep them safe. Ideal for both interior and exterior storage, our range of car covers are just the thing to safeguard your prized possessions. Continue reading

Keep things behind closed doors

After an initial glance at our name, you might just assume that we are a regular car transportation company. This is not the case however, as we place a particular emphasis on classic and vintage cars. Being owners of these fine models ourselves, we understand just how much they mean to you. That is why we put in the maximum level of effort when it comes to keeping them safe. Continue reading

Post-storage maintenance

As our name states, car storage is what we do best. Whether it is classic, vintage vehicles or modern supercars we can provide a suitable service for as long as is necessary. With a selection of storage services and products, we are prepared for any situation. As owners of these fine vehicles ourselves, we understand how much they mean to you, so we will do everything in our power to ensure that they are preserved. Continue reading

Should I prepare for short-term storage?

Classical cars require far more attention than your standard model, being of much greater value in terms of both rarity and sentiment. Fortunately, we are experts when it comes to safely storing such vehicles, offering storage solutions that include the likes of air chambers. As the owners of such fine motors ourselves and understanding how much they’re truly worth, we promise to do everything in our power to keep your cars in top condition. Continue reading

Battery conditioners with smarts

As our name implies, our speciality lies within the transportation and storage of cars, specifically vintage vehicles and high value, premier modern ones. This isn’t the only part of our company however, as we also provide merchandise that helps to preserve your car. Amongst this range is a selection of high quality battery conditioners, useful devices used to keep the batteries charged while not in use. Continue reading

Does the size of my car cover matter?

When it comes to the safe and controlled storage for cars, be they classic or modern, none are more qualified for the job than the people at our company. Being proud owners of such vehicles ourselves, we understand just how much they mean to you. As such, we will do everything in our power to keep them in top condition. To help in our efforts we employ the use of special car covers. They offer varying levels of safety and are available in both indoor and outdoor variants. Continue reading