Does the size of my car cover matter?

When it comes to the safe and controlled storage for cars, be they classic or modern, none are more qualified for the job than the people at our company. Being proud owners of such vehicles ourselves, we understand just how much they mean to you. As such, we will do everything in our power to keep them in top condition. To help in our efforts we employ the use of special car covers. They offer varying levels of safety and are available in both indoor and outdoor variants. Continue reading

Why do people prefer CTEK battery conditioners?

Vintage and classic cars are the kinds of vehicles that require the most attention when they are put in storage. Fortunately we are just the people to provide it. Specialising in climate controlled car storage and covered transportation; we make it a point to keep your vehicles in pristine condition while they are in our hands. In addition, we supply a range of products that help prevent the car from malfunctioning, with our battery conditioners standing as a prime example. Continue reading

A protective investment like no other

Over the years, we have been providing the proud owners of classical cars with transportation and storage methods that are designed specifically for complete protection. Our car covers in particular are a favourite among our clients, and we have variations appropriate for both indoor and outdoor settings. Available in numerous sizes and colours, our products are both fashionable and functional. Continue reading

Positioning is vital during car transportation

Classical cars in particular require an immense amount of care and dedication whilst they are being transported. There are so many risks involved with car transportation, but fortunately for you, we have the means to move your vehicle in a safe and secure manner. The transporters that we employ include the likes of both covered trailers and covered transporters, making them the perfect choice whenever you need to transfer something incognito. Continue reading

Preventing corrosion from taking hold with air chambers

Over thirty years ago we began our business by doing small deliveries. In time we grew into a sizable operation that specialises in car transportation and storage. The reason we have enjoyed such growth is we always focus on protecting the vehicles put in our care. To help with this when we store a vehicle we make use of dedicated air chambers. These safeguard them against moisture and corrosion. Continue reading

Battery conditioners retain the charge even in cold conditions

Car storage is an area in which we excel massively. An important part of storing a vehicle we have learned over the years involves keeping the battery going strong. If not stored correctly batteries can continue to drain and eventually need replacing. To this end, we offer every client the chance to purchase or hire battery conditioners when they come to us. Continue reading