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How does the weather affect car transport?

If you are arranging car transportation for the colder and wetter months, choose us. We ensure there is no need to worry about it more than at any other time. With our considerate services, your vehicle will always be in good hands. We take the necessary precautions to ensure it is safe throughout the move. As a result it will arrive at the destination in great condition and on time. Continue reading

Moving in the rain

Car transportation is a delicate enough procedure as it is. However, things become even more complicated when it involves vintage vehicles. Owners go to great lengths in order to keep them safe. That way they are sure they retain their value. As proud owners ourselves, we understand how much the cars mean to you. Consequently, our company goes the extra mile to ensure that they’re kept secure.

When transporting cars, the one thing you must account for is the weather, especially when it rains. This is never an ideal time to move anything, but it can be unavoidable sometimes. It can affect your whole approach though. You’ll have to take some additional provisions to make certain that everything stays unharmed. The following are tips you can use when moving vehicles on a rainy day.

Cover it all up

Firstly, it may be wise to cover up the vehicle. That way it will remain dry and the metal parts won’t be exposed to moisture and potential damage. You can opt for a car cover or a completely covered transport. The latter will be the most secure.

Drive the shortest distance

Another top tip we have is to cut down on distance as much as possible. Restrict how far you and your moving team have to journey from your present location to your destination. Once you get there, tell the movers to get your car as close as they can. Then, once you’re ready, you can simply unload the vehicle and ensure it remains protected. This will aid you in cutting down the amount of time your vehicle will spend in the rain.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, we have been moving cars nationwide for over three decades. During this period, we’ve visited every part of the country, delivering to various locations and venues. Thus, we know which routes are the best ones to take.

If there are details about car transportation you would like to discuss with us, you’re more than welcome to contact our team. We offer safe, secure services. In addition, we have a reputation for taking care of vehicles as if they were our own.

Preparing your car for long-term storage

Rudler Car Transportation & Storage specialise in looking after your vehicles. Whether they’re vintage, classic, sporty or just sentimental, we can help. When considering long-term car storage, there are steps you need to take to keep a vehicle in good condition. You can rely on us to do that, ensuring it is secure and safe.

Why Do I Need To Prepare My Car?

You may be under the impression that if you are going to store your car long-term, it will be fine as no-one will be using it. When a machine as complicated as a vehicle is sat stationary for a long period, many issues can develop. While we can keep your car secure, it’s important to take precautions so it is still in good condition when it comes out of storage.

What Steps You Should Take

Even small amounts of dirt and grime can damage the paintwork. Thoroughly clean your car, including the wheels to remove mud, grease or tar. This includes the interior too. If you would like you could also add a coat of wax for extra protection. Be sure it is completely dry.

Change the fluids. When a car uses oil, small contaminants build up in the system. While these do not cause damage when using your vehicle every day, storing your car for a long period can result in engine damage. Replace the oil if you plan on storing your car for more than a few weeks.

This may sound odd, but you should fill up your fuel tank. While you won’t need to use any, this prevents moisture building up in the tank. In addition it stops the seals drying up. You should also disconnect the battery and inflate all the tyres. This prevents flat spots occurring.

Our car storage service is designed to be high quality. Contact Rudler Transportation & Storage today for more information. You can rely on us to protect your vehicle from the environment and thieves with our facility.

Winter storage for your car

If you have a vintage, classic or sports vehicle you’ll want to look after it. Regardless of what type of car it is, we can help. We have a range of services here such as car covers and air chambers. They are perfect for use at various points in the year, including in the depths of winter.

We always take care of cars as if they were our own. As members of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, our passion is keeping them in good condition. Consequently, we have a lot of happy customers from all over the world, showcasing how great our services are. Over the years we have dealt with private collectors, restoration companies, car dealers and museums, as well as specialist auction houses.

The cold can be bad for an old vehicle

As the cold weather comes around again, you need to think about caring for your vehicle. The conditions can cause various problems including high moisture. When you have spent time and money on a car you care about it, trust professionals like us to look after it. We have experience protecting vehicles. Air chambers are generally perfect for this. They are suitable for both long term and short term storage.

Our air chambers are all made from the highest quality materials. This allows them to withstand harsh weathers like temperatures of -25 Celsius. They are also useful in the warmer months to protect from UV rays and heat.

Energy efficient

The fans used in our air chambers are energy efficient while producing 50,000 litres of clean air per hour. This ensures your car stays dry. It can even dry out damp vehicles, preventing issues. We enjoy being environmentally friendly too. We recycle rain water for use on our site and we have planted 1,500 trees over the last 20 years.

You can turn a shed or barn into the perfect place to store you car with a chamber. They are very easy to set up and can provide easy access for occasional use. The chambers are perfect for protecting your car from rust and bodywork damage.

We have products available in a wide range of sizes, meaning they’re available for all types of vehicles. We will keep it safe and protect it. Contact Rudler Car Transportation & Storage today for more information. Trust us for all your needs.