CTEK battery conditioner review

CTEK designs and makes unique sets of battery conditioners along with specialised solutions for all kinds of lead-acid batteries. They have the expertise required for the development of these excellent devices. In fact their products are proven to be reliable and have a 5 year warranty. Continue reading

The appropriate way to uncover/cover your car

Cars must be looked after properly in order to be kept safe, but vintage models demand a bit more than just a simple polish. This is down to them being made from materials that may have less corrosion protection. Fortunately we know precisely what steps to take to protect them against any threat. Our car covers are a testament to this statement, and have been widely regarded as some of the best on the market by previous clients. Continue reading

No documents means no transportation

Regular cars demand enough care as it is, but with classic and vintage models, things need to be taken to the next level. As owners of these designs vehicles, we know what lengths one must go to in order to protect their investments. Being experts when it comes to car transportation, we are the people to call if you’re concerned for the wellbeing of your motors. Continue reading

The detrimental effects of heat on cars

We established our company back in 1986 with the intention of supplying customers with first-rate car storage solutions. We don’t just deal in any ordinary cars however. Instead, we focus on taking care of classical and prestige models, the kinds that owners would go to great lengths in order to keep safe. We know this because we’re proud owners of a few of these cars ourselves. If you are looking for a business that’s trustworthy and dependable, rest assured that none are more qualified for the job than we are. Continue reading

Draining the fuel system post-storage

The specialities of our company are climate controlled and secure car storage services. We don’t simply do this for any old vehicle however, instead focusing on vintage, prestige, sports, and classic models that owners want to preserve at all costs. Our air chambers in particular are a favourite amongst our clients, something you’ll really thank yourself for using in the future. Continue reading

Get your car covered this winter

Winter is the most varied in terms of weather out of all the seasons. As a result it is wise you source car covers; that way your vehicle is protected no matter how frequent the showers and the frost. It must be carefully considered why you require a cover. That way you can ensure you select one capable of delivering the protection you need. Continue reading

Top tips for storing your car

It’s happened to a lot of us, you leave your car for a long period unused and it requires a service for it to run normally again. It is possible to avoid this if you follow the necessary steps though. So here are some tips on car storage to help you do it properly. Follow them and you can avoid spending money on services. Continue reading

Looking at ground connections and lights post-storage

Ensuring that your car is well looked after while it’s off the road is essential to the preservation of its well-being. This is especially important for vintage and classic models, as they not only possess a great degree of monetary value, but also sentimental worth to their owners. Being keepers of these fine designs ourselves, we know exactly how much they mean to you. As such, our business does everything in its power to make certain that its car storage options are befitting for the task that lies ahead of them. Continue reading